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We are Ann Lenihan & Patrick Collins and we’ve been working as Wellness & Lifestyle Coaches for 25 years.  We both experienced phenomenal results when we were first introduced to the benefits of great nutrition.  Not only did we both lose weight but we also experienced significant improvements in our energy, general health & well-being. Funnily enough, although we both thought we ate healthily before this – clearly improvements were needed.  (check out our photos to see that although we really enjoy life, we keep ourselves in great shape – practicing what we preach!)

Whether you are like one of the many people who come to us feeling frustrated, let down, disappointed and judged having tried and felt that they had failed to get a result with so many different approaches, or this is your first time addressing your health & well-being, we are certain that we can help you to get the result you want.

We are continually being trained by some of the top experts in the world. Our approach in helping you make lasting positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, which is backed by science and over 40 years’ experience, will be so simple and easy to follow that regardless of how busy you might be, you will not just manage, but enjoy this new healthy way of living a lot more that you thought you anticipated.

We also strongly believe in the power of community and so, where possible, we support people through online communities of people who are on similar healthy lifestyle journeys.  In that way, not only do people get help from us, but also find support and motivation from fellow community members.

Do check out the many ways that we can help you, here on our site and of course, feel free to contact us for a FREE, no obligation exploratory chat.

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