Harriet is Reeling in the Years

I got a flyer through my door some time ago, offering me a total health & diet evaluation. At the time, I was gaining a lot of weight and had spare tyres building up around my middle. I had been upping my swimming days at the pool in an attempt to shift the weight, all to no avail – it just was not shifting. I had been cutting way back what I was eating too but that had had no effect either! I was at my wits end so I decided to give it a try.

My evaluation included a body fat reading and a visceral fat reading – exactly what I needed as visceral fat around one’s middle is so dangerous to health. They also explained about my metabolic rate, which was great to understand as nothing I had done up to now had made any difference. They helped me to understand all the dietary mistakes that I had been making, especially my cutting back and hardly eating – that was my biggest mistake. I started a Herbalife Nutrition plan, fixed my eating and everything changed.

The great news is that the weight around my middle is gone, but best of all…the increase in my energy is fantastic as I had had so little energy in the mornings and now have so much! I notice it even more when swimming and another great plus – I sleep so much better. My nails are growing stronger, which they never were. My skin and hair are improving so much and I feel so much younger. That means the world to me as I’m well over 70 but now feel so much younger

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