Herbal Aloe Concentrate – Grape (473ml)


Herbal Aloe Concentrate – Grape (473ml)

Herbal Aloe’s soothing properties support good digestion with organic nutrients found in the Aloe Vera plant in a refreshing digestive beverage..
Key benefits:
Contains the goodness of the Aloe Vera plant to maintain a good digestive system.

Assisting you by:
Experts recommend we should consume at least two litres of water every day for our bodily systems to function optimally. Dehydration is not often recognised as the problem behind many ailments, however, every cell in the body is dependent upon a rich fluid content.
Herbal Aloe Concentrate Grape is a positive and refreshing way to ensure you maintain an adequate level of water consumption.
Herbal Aloe Concentrate Grape aids digestion.
Consider replacing cordial with Herbal Aloe Concentrate Grape to help you minimise your intake of sugar.
Directions for use:
Mix 3 capfuls (15mL) in 120mL of water and enjoy one to two times per day.

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