Change the way you view snacking


Change the way you view snacking and treat your taste buds to the smooth, tangy taste of our sour cream and onion flavoured Protein Chips. Available in boxes of 10 packets.

Inspiring You to live a healthier lifestyle

High Protein Iced Coffee

Say hello to every coffee lovers dream – High Protein Iced Coffee. A great on-the-go caffeine boost with 100% Robusta espresso coffee beans, 15g whey protein, no added sugar, no artificial colours or preservatives and is only 80kcal per serving.

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Healthy-looking skin in 4 weeks

Collagen Skin Booster

Healthy-looking skin in 4 weeks? Yes it is possible! When it comes to having healthy- looking skin, there’s a lot that goes into achieving a complexion that glows.

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a daily dose of probiotics and prebiotic fibre

Microbiotic Max

When did you last spare a thought for your gut health and how it impacts your wellbeing?

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Welcome to HealthyHub Worldwide

Get Help Living Your Best Life

Welcome to HealthyHub Worldwide, we’re Ann & Patrick and we’ve been helping people to take control of the wellness, mindset and financial state for over 25 years now … it’s our passion. We know what it’s like for people who’ve struggled, both physically and financially – we’ve been there ourselves too!


We are Ann Lenihan & Patrick Collins

5 Day Eat Clean Challenge

Struggling to eat healthily? This gentle introduction to eating clean is a great starting point

Live Life on Your Terms

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Running: 8 Tips to Get Started

Sometimes it can feel like we are forever cooped up indoors. Read our tips here…

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Herbalife products and plans

Learn more about and purchase our amazing products and plans here

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Meditation for de-stressing

Manage your stress with meditation. Learn more at our blog…

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“Ann turns back the clock”

After 3 days I started waking before my alarm clock and all the sugar cravings disappeared. I was no longer falling asleep on the couch…my days were so much longer now, it was amazing. When I turned 50, I had so much more energy that I started exercising for the first time in my life. I started running 5ks, started coastal rowing – even won an All-Ireland medal for it and went on to train as a group fitness instructor…all of that from total couch potato.

Ann Lenihan

Ann Turns Back The Clock

“Patrick – 8kg of Body Fat GONE for GOOD!!!”

After 18 weeks on a serious Herbalife programme I dropped 8 kgs – just under 3 stones and more than halved my body fat. I also experienced a massive increase in energy and have maintained that now for over 5 years. And that was with a lot less exercise than I normally used to do! People often think I’m 15-20 years younger than I am and of course I’m delighted with that ☺

Patrick Collins

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Inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle

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